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The ONLY (Free) Guide You Need to Grow Your Nails Long & Strong!

There are few things in life that I love as much as fitness and nutrition... and painting nails is one of those things! Many of you in the Dark Blue Community have reached out to me about product recommendations, tips for growing your nails long and strong and for techniques for painting your nails at home - and hey, while I have no certification in nail art nor am I a nail tech - I'm here to give the people what they want!

Yes... I had short nubby nails once too. I promise, you're not alone. I worked in foodservice during my teen years, and never had the joys of having long beautiful nails until I graduated from grad school and started working from home (so thankful for it to be honest!)

Disclaimer: Again, I am not a nail tech, just someone who's watched more hours than I'd like to admit about nails, nail health, painting nails, etc. Like I mentioned earlier... just a wee bit obsessed nbd.

If you haven't seen my previous blog post on this topic - I highly recommend starting there! You'll find my list of go-to YouTube videos where I learned how to paint my own nails and grow them out. (Simply Nailogical is my fave! But there are some other channels you should check out too!)

If you want your FREE ebook where I consolidate ALL the tips and strategies I've learned to get stronger nails -- Click Here to download my free e-book. You'll also sign up for my email list to stay up to date on future exclusive releases (I may be cooking up a 101 course on hair, skin and nail health! Stay tuned!)


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