1:1 Nutrition Coaching

My Approach:

1. Intuitive Eating - A gentle approach to nutrition that involves honoring hunger, respecting your body and ditching diets for good for a long-lasting healthy relationship with food. 
2. All Foods Fit - Exactly what it sounds like: No foods are off limits! We practice non-judgement around all foods.

3. Weight Neutrality - Weight is often the most talked about measure of health... but our health goes far beyond what we weigh. A fixation on achieving a specific weight can often be counter productive to our health and well-being. For that reason, we focus on health from a holistic, weight-neutral standpoint. 
4. Non-Diet Approach - Diets teach us to restrict and to lose trust in our body's innate ability to fuel us. Ditching diets is a necessary part of our coaching, because only then you can truly tap into your body's intuition!

5. Intuitive Exercise - Exercise can be a fun part of honoring our health, but in the same way that we can have negative experiences with dieting, many individuals struggle with striving for unrealistic standards with their exercise. Together we will find an exercise routine you actually enjoy, incorporating activities you love!


Starter Pack $500 (one-time investment) includes:

  • 1 initial assessment (45 min)

  • 3 - 25-min follow-up sessions

Monthly Coaching Membership:

  • $250/month for biweekly 25-min sessions

  • between session support (Mon-Fri)

**Note: at this time payments are private pay only. Look out for limited price promotions on Instagram!

Coaching Includes:

-Biweekly/weekly coaching calls*
-Between session text-based support (Monday-Friday at 8-4pm MST)
-Judgement-free accountability
-Guidance in mastering mindful and intuitive eating skills

-1:1 support and guidance to help you achieve your nutrition goals
-Photo-based food logging + exercise & mood logging

*Coaching call frequency depends on the package you select!

Coaching does NOT include:

-Strict food guidelines
-Calorie restriction
-Tough love coaching
-Weight centric goals

My 4-step coaching process:

1. Reflect - Reflection is an essential part of building a healthy relationship with food. This helps us figure out both what has worked well for you in the past, and what hasn't. Through reflection, we are able to cater coaching directly to your own individual needs.

2. Respect - After reflecting on your past experiences with food and fitness, we will practice respecting and honoring what your body needs without judgement or negative self-talk. (This one takes time and practice, but that's why you have your RD!)

3. Restore - Once you start reflecting and respecting your body, now it's time to restore your the nutrition your body needs (Note these steps often happen in unison, and require repetition to solidify long term!) When dieting or restricting, our body is constantly in primal hunger mode, making it almost impossible to eat intuitively.  With nutrition restoration, over time your body will find it easier to tap into internal cues like gentle hunger and pleasant fullness. Furthermore, we'll address fear foods (foods you've feared or once restricted), and slowly reincorporate them through habituation.

4. Maintain - One of the most important parts of nutrition coaching is setting you up for success in the long-term. Together we will work on a plan to maintain your new found healthy relationship with food and fitness including: how to build a support system, intuitive eating skills, habit building for gentle nutrition, and reframing negative self-talk when anything in our environment (from friends and family, to co-workers and social media) causes us to backtrack.

If this resonates with you, and you feel ready to invest in 1:1 nutrition coaching - Apply below! Have any follow up questions? Click the "Ask a question" button to shoot me an email!