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​Do you struggle with: 

  • Feeling stuck in a cycle of restriction & over-eating

  • Feeling exhausted from the latest fad diets that never feel sustainable long term

  • Negative food-labeling

    • Certain foods are "bad"/"off-limits"

  • Low self-confidence, low self-trust with food

    • "If I eat this, I am a failure"

    • "Once I start, I will never be able to stop"

  • Emotional eating; using food to soothe negative emotions or boredom 

  • Mindless eating; eating without conscious awareness

Do you desire:

  • A long-term solution, instead of a short-term fix

  • Making peace with food, eating what you love!

  • Structured sessions with actionable strategies to discover the intuitive eater within you

  • Strategies to fuel an active lifestyle, without obsession

  • Fueling your body to feel healthy, energized and strong

  • Individualized, professional support

   As a Dietitian & Personal Trainer, I work with individuals looking to grow their confidence & intuition with food.  Our coaching sessions are grounded on Intuitive Eating principles (read: no fad diets, rules, or quick fixes). If you're not 100% sure if intuitive eating based coaching can help you, I hear you!  I challenge you to ask yourself if the following food-based challenges resonate with you :) 

What gentle coaching DOES offer you:
- Judgement-free support, accountability,
& education through a virtual platform
-Guidance mastering 10 Intuitive Eating Principles 
-Nutrition & fitness goal setting 
-Discovering internal motivators to help you reach your goals, and maintain them long-term! 
-Free access to all new client worksheets and challenges
-Between-session support via phone the Healthie App 
What gentle coaching does NOT offer:
-macro coaching
-fitness competition prep
-strict guidelines
-structured meal plans
-food rules
-"tough love" coaching
-scale-focused goals

If you have any objections to investing in your confidence and intuition with food & fitness.. that's totally okay! 

I want you to feel 100% confident in your decision to work together.


In the meantime - check out my free nutrition & fitness tips, or email me a question so I can help you feel good about your decision to work together on your best self!