As a Dietitian & Personal Trainer, I work with individuals looking to grow their strength, confidence & intuition with food.  Our coaching sessions focuses on helping you find intuitive ways to eat more nutritionally dense foods, meal prep with ease and sustain your progress long term. That's right - no fad diets, rules, or quick fixes. We also discuss strategies to help your body gain muscle, and fuel your performance, whether you're an athlete, fitness-enthusiast, or just getting started in your fitness journey.

My coaching has a 4 step flow, that helps you reach your highest potential in your nutrition, mindfulness, and fitness! Coaching is month-to-month, not "one-and-done" coaching. I don't sell individual sessions, I sell results :) 

Month 1 —> Build Awareness: Mindfulness with food, incorporating balance, assessing nutritional needs to fuel fitness goals & current Fitness Habits

Month 2 —> Achieve Results: Mindful Eating, Self-care, incorporating regular exercise to achieve mental & physical benefits.

Month 3 —> Work through Barriers, Overcome challenges That come along

Month 4 & Beyond —> Sustainability: Maintain Muscle, Mindfulness, Self-care, Balance


If you're not 100% sure if coaching can help you, I hear you!  Check out my Services Page to look at my current Coaching Packages, and, as a bonus, I challenge you to ask yourself if the following food-based challenges resonate with you :) 

​Do you struggle with: 

  • Feeling like your workouts are lackluster, not seeing results with the hard work you've put in

  • Feeling exhausted, tired, and drained after your workouts

  • You suspect you may not be fueling your active lifestyle as well as you could

  • Wishing you were seeing muscle gain more quickly

  • Wishing you could have more energy/motivation to workout or train

  • Feeling stuck in a cycle of restriction & over-eating

  • Feeling exhausted from the latest fad diets that never feel sustainable long term

  • Feeling stuck in negative food-labeling (Certain foods are "bad"/"off-limits")

  • Low self-confidence, low self-trust with food

  • Emotional eating; using food to soothe negative emotions or boredom 

  • Mindless eating, eating without conscious awareness

Do you desire to:

  • Gain muscle easily

  • Have a happy, healthy and sustainable relationship to food and fitness

  • Making peace with food, eating what you love

  • Structured sessions with actionable strategies to meet your goals

  • Strategies to fuel an active lifestyle, without obsession

  • Fueling your body to feel healthy, energized and strong

  • Individualized, professional support

What coaching DOES offer you:
- Judgement-free support, accountability,
& education through a virtual platform
-Between-session support via phone app (I'm your pocket dietitian!)
-Guidance mastering the Intuitive Eating Principles 
-Nutrition & fitness goal setting 
-Discovering internal motivators to help you reach your goals, and maintain them long-term! 
-Free access to all new client worksheets and challenges
What coaching does
 NOT offer:
-macro coaching
-fitness competition prep
-strict guidelines
-structured meal plans
-food rules
-"tough love" coaching
-scale-focused goals

If you're not totally ready to invest in your food & fitness journey.. that's totally okay! 

I want you to feel 100% confident in your decision to work together.


In the meantime - check out my free nutrition & fitness tips, or email me a question so I can help you feel good about your decision to work together on your best self!

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