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The only Youtube Videos you will EVER need to GROW your nails long & strong (and do them at HOME

WARNING: This is not a nutrition/fitness post (if that wasn't blatantly obvious). However, since my days working foodservice jobs are over (yay, Dietitian perks!) I no longer have to go without EVER being able to paint my nails... so I'll admit, I've become a little obsessed with my nails. Just sayin'. 💅

I'm not a huge fan of big long blog posts as you've probably noticed. But, I get this question a lot since I've started growing out my nails out. So I figured - why not make a compilation of all the videos you NEED to see to do exactly what I did :) You can thank me lateeer.

If I can save you all from watching 100 million Youtube videos... then why the heck not?!

Oh, and P.S. - all the links to the products I use will be at the end, so be sure to check those out too :)

Now let's hop into those Youtube videos! Here they are:

Nail Shaping & Polishing Basics:

How to GROW YOUR NAILS FAST*!!! (actually helpful information) by Simply Nailogical

**If you don't follow/subscribe to Simply Nailogical, do so now! She's hilarious :)

How to FILE and SHAPE your nails like a Boss by Simply Nailogical

How to Paint Your Nails at Home

**Big takeaway from this one, a) How to paint your nails at home (and not totally suck like I used to) and b) the Kiss Gel Top Coat for brittle nails - which I have listed below along with the other products I love.

🌟For Using Gel Top Coats w/ Regular Polish:

How to Use Gel Top Coat over Regular Nail Polish

** Gel top coats make doing your nails at home look professional and last up to two weeks without chipping!! Invest in a cheap LED light and you can get the gel manicure look right from your own home! I'll leave links to all the products I LOVE and use for all my manicures down below. The gel top coat is best for workers who are required to wash and sanitize their hands often, which can wear away a traditional top coat.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

🌟If using (Non-Gel) Quick Dry Top Coat & Regular Base Coat (Recommended) :

Update (Sept 2020): While Gel Top Coats can be great for professionals who may need to wash and sanitize their hands often (e.g. anyone in a clinical setting) - I find gel polish is not necessary for those who work less with their hands, or want to switch polishes more often! I work from home and do traditional household chores often, and find a quick-dry top coat works wonderfully and it far easier to remove than a manicure sealed in a gel top coat. Choose whichever option suits your lifestyle best.

Since this post was made, I primarily work with Holo Taco Base & Top Coats, specifically: the Quick Dry Glossy Top Coat & Long Last Base Coat.

If you are using glitter polish, I recommend using the Peel Off Base Coat so you're not spending hours taking of your nail polish.

10 tips to make your manicure last without chipping

Products I LOVE and use for my at home manicures:

Favorite (Gel) top coat (Note: requires an LED light to cure) -

Favorite regular glossy top coat -

Favorite Polish (Longest lasting for me) -

Acetone (Removing Nail Polish -

LED Light (super affordable and works great!) -

Crystal nail file -

Jojoba oil (a MUST for your nails) -

Additional/Updated Favorites (Updated 2020):

**Note: some links are affiliate links. However these are ALL products I love, and I have no affiliation or incentive from the brands themselves :)

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