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Dietitian Resources

Resources that helped me grow my online business

When I was a brand new Dietitian and content creator, there were so many resources I wish I had known about sooner. I learned so much about entrepreneurship, growing my business and being a better educator from the courses and resources below.

My Top Picks

1. Online Course Academy - I could gush all day about how life-changing courses are.  No matter what niche you're in - you can help people with an online course!  As a business owner - why NOT have the ability to help MORE people and stop trading time for money?  Online Course Academy is my favorite resource for business owners, because it teaches you how to build your income and impact online, without burn out.  You free up your time and grow your biz!  It's a win-win. Learn more and enroll here.

2. Video Ranking Academy - If you've been thinking about starting a YouTube channel - VRA is a must! Sean Cannell packs tremendous value on his YouTube Channel as well.  If you want your videos to be next level, so you're not wasting your time on videos that don't work... this is a great course to invest in!

3. Marketing Impact Academy - If you're like me, and you enjoy learning about the fun parts of business like creating content, but marketing and structuring your business, online freemiums and brand deals are something you struggle significantly with... MIA is for you!  This course is like a self-paced social media + online business 101 that you'd never get in college!

Equipment & Gear Recommendations

Nutrition Coaching Software & Tools

As an online Dietitian Nutrition Coach, educator and fitness trainer - quality software is the bread and butter of my business!  It's what helps make my job easier, and helps the people I help have a seamless, quality experience when working with me.  Here is a list of the software I use and recommend any nutrition and/or fitness coaching business:

Continuing Education for RDs

Mentorship Coaching

**Note: some links may be affiliate, which means I earn a small commission from recommending them. There is no additional cost to using an affiliate link.  All courses and products are ones I know and love. 

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