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How I Would Start My Online Nutrition Business (If I Could Start Over).

I'll be totally honest with you, If I could start over from day one of starting my online business - there's a lot that I would do differently!

Now of course, hind-sight is 20/20... but I want to pass on some of the tips and bits of advice I wish I could have had back when I started. If you follow these tips, strategies and bits of advice - I can guarantee this will save you time, energy, stress and indecision when you start your journey today.

Disclaimer - this is from the perspective of a Dietitian Nutritionist - but these tips also apply if you're a health coach, personal trainer, yoga teacher, or anyone in the nutrition/fitness space that is growing an online business.

I'll start with some PRACTICAL tips, and then get into some MINDSET shifts. I know some of you probably struggle with one more than the other, so I wanted to include both. Plus, I think BOTH are equally important, and can be equally hindering if they're lacking in your own journey.

So let's begin.

PRACTICAL strategies I would implement if

I could start over from scratch...

1. Create an Online Course.

This one is one that took me a while to get on the bandwagon with, and dang, do I wish I would have started on this sooner! Honestly, if I could go back in time... I venture to say this would be my TOP priority beyond creating free content online (whether it be through a blog, YouTube, Instagram, a Podcast, etc). Online courses are LIFE changing. Here's why:

Think of creating a course like creating a nutrition program that can run without you. Where you're actually LESS stressed and pressed by feeling like you have to take on a ton of clients to make an income, and yet you have no cap on the amount of clients who can work with you, and benefit from your guidance. That's pretty amazing right?

While I LOVE 1:1 coaching - I find that there are some caveouts to it at times. Sometimes, it's tough to retain clients due to cost or time to commit to weekly/biweekly coaching calls. Life is busy! - With a course... they can do the lessons/work on their OWN time. And as for cost, while I don't recommend having a "cheap" course - it will likely be a lot more affordable than 6-12 months of coaching with you. (If it's not, you may want to re-evaluate your prices and charge a price that makes you and the client excited to show up!!)