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The Importance of Rest & Relaxation

✨Tell me if this feels familiar to you. You’re motivated and ready to rock one week. ✨

All the ideas come flooding to you. You know what you want. You see it in your mind, and you plan on doing all the things… Then the next week you fall flat on your face. You can hardly get off the couch to move. Working towards your goals seems out of the question.

Not because you’re lazy or don’t want to achieve your goals. But because... well, why? That’s often the issue at hand. We don’t know what to do with ourselves in these moments.

Usually it’s two main things: 1⃣ you need a break (I mean a REAL one) 2⃣ you need a reminder of why you’re motivated towards the goal you set.

First and foremost, it’s super super important to give yourself compassion when it comes to taking a break.

It can be hard to tell the difference between needing a break, and “being lazy”, but dig deep! Use your intuition and figure out what you truly need.💕 When we hit a wall, we often need to recoup in some form. Trust me, we could all use a little more “brain space”.

Ask yourself what makes you feel the most relaxed and peaceful. And do that thing! Make a list for future reference if that helps 📝.

If your intuition tells you you’ve got plenty of rest, it’s time to think about your why. Write down three reasons why you’re working on your goals. What feelings come up? Who are you helping? How are you making an impact?

If you’re open to sharing, I’d love to hear what goals you’re working on this week 🌟 What do you need in order rekindle your fire ➡ Rest , Reflection of your "Why" 🌟 or both?

DM or tag me on Instagram @darkbluenutrition with your responses! ❤️

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