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Pre-workout Snack Ideas

Pre-workout snacks: Dried Mango, Banana, Kind Bar Pressed

Let's talk about pre-workout snacks. When are they necessary?

Here’s a scenario: It’s morning time, or after work. You haven’t had a snack in several hours, but you need some energy to exercise or is just *isn’t going to happen*.

You want to pick the *right* snack or else you’re going to be stuffed, or have an upset stomach during your workout. Sound familiar?

Having too large of a snack, or a snack high in fats and proteins *prior* to a workout can cause this.

So what’s the best option? → Carbs carbs carbs! 💗

Carbs are easy on the stomach, and are the body’s preferred source of energy. So in other words, the body doesn’t have to work as hard to break these down. Watch out for anything with inulin, chicory root (added fiber) or over 5-6g dietary fiber - as this can cause an upset stomach as well, especially if had pre-workout! Save that good ol’ fiber for post-workout :)

Need a few ideas for your pre-workout snacks this week? Here they are!

  1. A Banana!

  2. Dried Mango

  3. Kind Bar (their Health Grains, Pressed, and Breakfast bars)

  4. Activia “drinkable” yogurt

  5. Squeezable fruit pouches (my boyfriend’s favorite snack, period!)

  6. Toasted mini bagel with PB

I know personally, I have an easier time coming up with a post-workout snack that a pre-workout one! What’s your favorite pre-workout snack? Tag me with your fave on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest and tag me @darkbluenutrition :)

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