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Saving Money on the Tone it Up Nutrition Plan

If you follow the Tone it Up Nutrition Plan (if you're in January 2019, it's currently the Love Your Body Series!) they you NEED these tips in your life.

I love the Tone it Up plan, but I often get asked how to make the plan affordable, because it CAN get costly.

Here are my favorite tips that I myself incorporate into my meal prep, to make is affordable, and sustainable!

Tips mentioned in the video:

1. Skip the unnecessary sh**! - Wait for the protein powder to go on sale (it always does!) & skip the unnecessary things like kombucha, hemp seeds, matcha powder, etc.

2. Buy Kodiak Cake Pancake Mix instead of using their Protein powder for Protein Pancakes. Kodiak cakes are 0.40 per serving (3 pancakes) vs. TIU pancakes, which can cost $1-2 dollars per scoop (1 scoop = ~2 pancakes). Kodiak cakes are the! ...They can also be used for protein muffins. Do it!! You won't regret it.

3. Make smoothies using what you have left over at home. I love smoothies as much as the next person, but use smoothies to your advantage!! Have strawberries, kale etc. that's about to go bad? Blend it up with some almond milk and protein powder and you've got an amazing, budget friendly smoothie!

4. 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners. Of course, if you cook for more than just yourself, you might need to adjust this as needed. The point is - you don't need to meal prep to a T! Give yourself flexibility so you don't waste food at the end of the week.

5. Go vegetarian! Meat is the most expensive ingredient on most of our shopping lists. If you can/want to - cut it out! Even if you go vegetarian a few days per week, you will save tons of money on your shopping trip!

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