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Dietetic Internship Resources: Personal Statements, Internship Tips & Advice!

Hey you!

I was in your shoes once. I know how you're feeling right now! Stress, worried, trying to do all-the-things right! You want to get into your perfect internship, be a rockstar intern, pass the RD Exam and become a Registered Dietitian.

Of course you do!

I wanted that same thing, and PS, I was able to achieve that goal... BUT... I faced a lot of mental struggles along the way, and I want to help make this path easier for you, so you feel equipped to do all the things you want to do: land your internship, be the star intern, and pass your exam with flying colors.

Check the links below for some of my YouTube videos on this topic. Don't forget, when checking these videos out -

See you there! Best wishes on your internship & beyond, you rockstar RD2be!!

Writing the PERFECT Personal Statement!

Avoiding BURNOUT in Dietetics

What I Wish I Knew Before my Dietetic Internship

How to Study (AND PASS!) the RD Exam!

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