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Everything You Need for the 21 Day Challenge! (Starts Nov 18th) 🎉

The Dark Blue Nutrition 21 Day Challenge is here!

That's right, it's the first even DBN Wellness Challenge, and I can't wait to get started with you, and work together on making nutrition & fitness easy and intuitive!

Your 3-Week Workout Calendar- including IG workouts & real-time Youtube workouts!

Your 3-Week Daily Wellness Challenges - to make nutrition & wellness intuitive!

Your Habit Tracker - to monitor your progress & motivate you to keep up your habits!

What to do next:

-Download your links above! You can print these out if you'd like :)

-Post that you're in! Tag @darkbluenutrition & #dbn21daychallenge on Instagram

-Introduce yourself to the community, tell us why you signed up for this challenge :)

-Subscribe to Dark Blue Nutrition on Youtube, and follow @darkbluenutrition on Insta (if you haven't already of course!)

-Tag 1-2 friends to join you in this challenge, accountability is key!

So the question is....

Also, don't forget to sign up for the email list to stay up to date on all the latest DBN videos, challenges & tips! - Sign up here!

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