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Labor Day Arm Routine! (Printable)

Hey there!

Hope you're all enjoying your your holiday weekend!

I know how tough it can be to fit in a good workout over the holidays, and to feel like you're sticking to your goals, even after a few additional drinks or a little extra food than usual at a party (ZERO shame in that! It happens to all of us.)

A workout can be a great way to feel strong, and in tune with your goals. You know that feeling you get after a good workout? That natural high you get that triggers you to refuel with a healthy meal or snack afterwards? Yep! That's what you'll get after completing this workout below!

Whether you’re using wine bottles as your weights on vaca (No judgement 😜), or doing this at the gym/home, you’ll feel this quick arm routine the next day! 😊 (The first two exercise really work the core as well for a bonus!)

📲 If you're on Instagram, Tag #dbteam #dbcommunity post workout & tell me what move you loved the most OR Pin this workout on Pinterest and spread the Dark Blue Nutrition Community love ❤️

Printable Arm Workout

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