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Studying for the RD Exam

Hey my RD Students & Interns!

I know how intimidating the RD Exam can be. I want to make things as EASY as possible for you by providing you with the best tips & tricks I used to study for the RD exam myself.

These are the tips that I used to pass my RD exam the first time around :) Not your first time taking the RD Exam? No shame! It’s okay! It's not just what you know/don't know... it's also about knowing how to take a multiple choice test well.

See the full video here (below are the show notes if you want a quick overview):

Materials used:

  • Jean inman

  • Dietitian iOS app

Jean inman

  • Covers all the materials you need, make notes as you go, Read over and over

  • Listen to audio in the car - hard to follow but still helpful for certain chapters

  • Listen to audio + reading (when feeling lazy or when you just need to see and hear)

  • Over 1,000 questions, I only got through about 500-600, Didn’t feel like it was necessary for all chapters, but focus on ones you struggle with or need practice on (for me, tubefeeding)

Dietitian Pocket Prep App

  • Has question of the day, with free app you have access to ~20 questions, but premium app is $20 for 500, and it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT

  • Gets you prepared for answering multiple choice questions (the exam)!

  • Has exam builder and question of the day

  • You can choose to see the answers as you go, have certain domains, choose the number of questions and time yourself

  • Gives reasons why answers are right and wrong

  • This helped me a ton, saved hundreds of dollars vs other exam prep guides like visual veggies, which is ~200 bucks or more, and when you’re just out of your internship… you can’t afford that!!!

Methods of studying

  • Highlighting, using colors helped me remember special concepts

  • Using different colored pens - again, for me, the color helped my memory

  • Writing out things I really wanted to engrain in my brain, like vitamins/minerals

  • After studying all the material in Inman, I weeded through all of Inman and retyped the most important notes that I thought were important to know

  • Put these in a binder and when the exam got closer, only focused on these

  • Flashcards helped for the vitamins and minerals and the community agencies, but didn’t feel that they were helpful for other things (keep them in your purse for spare moments where you can study)

  • I followed other people’s Quizlet accounts that ALREADY MADE flashcards, and studied them on my phone during lunch breaks

How long did I prepare?

  • I was done in December (~10th), signed up to take my exam as soon as I was allowed (your internship has to process all the paperwork first)

  • Took my exam March 9th

  • I had more than enough study time, even with a full time job. Two weeks or so before the exam, I was anxious to take it… I feel like depending on your style 1.5 to 2 months is plenty of time

  • In case you're curious: I was working full time in the hospital kitchen of my internship while I studied

On exam day

  • Try to relax & pump yourself up!

  • I wasn’t as freaked out as I thought I would be (I think i was internally freaking out, but I wouldn’t let myself be on that day)

  • Listened to R&B and rap music

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get there! I was about 45 mins early… I’m paranoid

Hope these tips help you to pass your RD Exam! Be sure to leave a comment on YouTube, Instagram or here and let me know if these helped you!

Have an amazing day!




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