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FREE Mindful Eating + Food Freedom Masterclass

If you're ready to ditch diets and eat the foods you love without fear or guilt - sign up for our FREE Masterclass! You'll learn my top secrets to eat a healthy diet with confidence, using mindful eating.

Meet your Dietitian & CPT


My name is Katie & I'm a Registered Dietitian & Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). I specialize in PCOS, insulin resistance, and blood sugar management.


I help men and women transition from restrictive diets to food freedom, healing their hormones, metabolism, and relationship with food through mindfulness and intentional eating.

I believe honoring your health doesn’t mean obsessing over numbers or following 1200-calorie diets. I debunk nutrition myths, especially around blood sugar, hormones, and fitness. We’ll explore practical nutrition and food freedom strategies, including the psychology behind our food choices. My mission is to help you build a better relationship with food, get strong and fueled, and heal from the damage of restrictive diets.

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 Katie Horrell, MS, RDN, CPT

 Registered Dietitian & Personal Trainer

Join me every Wednesday for nutrition tips, diet debunking, and workout videos to make healthy habits easy!

Looking for 1:1 support for PCOS or blood sugar management? Learn more and apply below.

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