Fueling your mind, your muscles &

your confidence.

Get judgement-free accountability to reach your health & fitness goals.


I'm Katie, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,
Certified Personal Trainer based in Evergreen, Colorado.
My passion is to help you ditch restriction and make peace with food using mindful & intuitive eating eating. My goal is to make nutrition topics relatable, understandable and fun!
Here at Dark Blue Nutrition, we're all about making healthy habits easy by not only educating on various nutrition & fitness topics, but also helping you apply that education to your everyday life! To become a part of the community, join us on YouTube (Dark Blue Nutrition) or check the links below for more ways to get connected with our community!
Whether you're new to building healthy habits or you've struggled for years with dieting, only to find out restricting & depriving yourself doesn't work long term... I want to help YOU have a healthy, happy relationship with food!


Katie Horrell, MS, RDN, CPT

Registered Dietitian & Personal Trainer

How to Join the

DBN Community


DBN YouTube Community

Learn how to eat a healthy diet without restriction, and workout with me for FREE on

the DBN Youtube Channel


Mindful Muscles Nutrition Guide

Enjoy 40+ delicious recipes and mindful eating tips and strategies  while connecting with accountability partners in the #dbncommunity


Mindful Muscles Coaching

Ready to go from restriction and deprivation to a Mindful Eating Master? Get Coaching from me & get 1:1 individualized support on your journey to confidence and peace with food!

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