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Hey there!

    I'm Katie, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer and YouTube Creator based in Colorado! I support my clients & community through virtual services, including: nutrition coaching and free YouTube education. 
   As a health and nutrition professional it's my life long mission to change the dialog around nutrition & fitness on social media - from restriction, dieting, deprivation and a weight-centric focus - to fueling your body using mindfulness, intuition & gentle nutrition.
   On the Dark Blue Nutrition, you'll find free education on nutrition, fitness and healthy habits, in addition to full-length workouts. We emphasize the tremendous importance of application (how to realistically incorporate healthy habits), not just education .. because our community knows how important this piece of the puzzle is in your own health journey! 
   So if you're an intuitive, fitness-loving nutrition nerd looking for a community of health nuts that desire a healthy mind & body over the "fad diets" and "quick weight loss" schemes  of the internet -  you've got a fam to back you up in the Dark Blue Nutrition community


   Katie Horrell, MS, RDN, CPT

     Registered Dietitian & Personal Trainer


DBN YouTube Community

Join our mindful muscles community & Learn how to eat a healthy diet without restriction!


Mindful Muscles Nutrition Guide

Enjoy 40+ muscle-fueling recipes, journal prompts and mindful eating tips with our Mindful Muscles guide!


Mindful Muscles Coaching

Ready to become a Mindful Eating Master? Get get 1:1 individualized support on your health, fitness and mindfulness journey!

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