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Nutrition Plan

About Your Nutrition Plan!

The DBN Mindful Muscles Nutrition Guide helps fitness lovers gain strength and confidence using an intuitive approach to nutrition & fueling your fitness.  


As your Dietitian & Personal Trainer, I've been there! Obsessed with food choices, ignoring my hunger signals and feeling lethargic during workouts but pushing through just to feel exhausted, unsatisfied and unhappy in my own body at the end of the day.  


Using an intuitive, mindful approach to fueling my body helped me learn to:

  • Love my body unconditionally

  • Feel more confident in myself on the inside and out

  • Spend more time focusing on what really matters in life!


This guide is for you, if:

  • You want a simple, non-restrictive guide that gives tips & strategies to fuel your body

  • You're over diets that have rigid rules, and aren't sustainable long term

  • You're ready to tap into your body's internal wisdom to gain muscle, boost energy, and feel more confident in your own skin

  • You're done being told specific food groups are "off limits", and feeling ashamed or guilty for eating certain food groups

  • You want to join a community of like minded individuals to keep you motivated & accountable long term! #DBNcommunity


With the Mindful Muscles Nutrition Guide, you'll get: 

  • A sustainable, flexible nutrition plan that gives you the resources & meal ideas to make healthy eating a breeze. 

  •  Over 40 yummy recipes for all meals & snacks, while also having the flexibility to DIY it with your favorite foods. 

  •  No restriction, deprivation, or calorie counting! 


The DBN Community is here to help you build trust in your body's intuition. Share your journey using #dbncommunity #darkbluenutrition


Ready to start your journey today?

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