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1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Fuel your fitness goals without dieting!

Are you looking to fuel your workouts better... without counting macros or calories, so you can:

  • Fuel your nutritional needs with confidence, without ever feeling pre-occupied with food

  • Never diet again, finding a sustainable, life-long healthy relationship with food

  • Find your natural, healthy body weight without obsessing over the number on the scale, or weighing in daily

  • Ditch limiting beliefs around fear foods like carbs, so you can eat the foods you love and stay aligned with your health goals

  • Get your time back - so you can spend it doing the things you love!

Say bye-bye to restrictive diets...for good!

The Mindful Muscles Academy is your step-by-step guide to better fitness performance and muscle gain, using a mindful eating based approach. In our program, you'll never have to sacrifice the foods you love ever again, and you'll learn to fuel with intention, mindfulness and confidence.

MMA is your guide to building better habits, increasing mindful awareness with food, and learning the foundational principles of nutrition for exercise performance.  It's the first ever program like it in the fitness world!


Here's what Mindful Muscles Academy students are saying:

"The Mindful Muscles Academy course has been a game-changer for me. I wanted to build muscle and feel good about the skin that I am in, especially during pregnancy. I felt like Katie’s program took things to the next level for me!


It allowed me to learn and actually apply each module within my busy schedule. Katie broke things down in a way that I could understand more complicated topics in a simple and easy way. I especially love the meal plans and recipes - My favorite were the taquitos and PB&J stuffed dates! 


MMA is perfect for anyone who is looking to practice mindful eating, wellness, and strength building... and doesn't want things to feel complicated!"


-Shae M.

"I highly recommend the Mindful Muscles Academy if you want to be done dieting. I’m so over the yo-yo dieting and this is exactly what I needed! Katie is so thorough and her voice is so calm - it really helps me not feel overwhelmed as I’m processing all the content. I’ve been able to make changes to my habits based on her recommendations and I can tell it is working."

-Alexandra L.

Who is MMA designed for?

  • Active folks looking to increase exercise performance

  • Fitness lovers tired of following 1200 calorie, low-carb diets recommended by fitness influencers

  • Individuals with a past history of disordered eating, who want to find a long-lasting, healthy relationship with food

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