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Client freebies!

     I love to provide free resources whenever possible :) Click the links below to download my Meal and Exercise Planning Templates! Both provide a fun way to structure your week so you can plan for success! Tag and DM me on Instagram if you've used these templates and find them beneficial to your nutrition & fitness goals !

Dietitian Resources

     If you've never heard of RD2RD marketplace, it's a fantastic website where Registered Dietitians can upload resources they've created, and share them with fellow RDs! I've spent countless hours creating powerpoint presentations and handouts for various topics of interest, like: Healthy eating on a Budget, Intuitive & Mindful Eating, Women's Health, Sports Nutrition and More! 

    It can be stressful and unnecessary to reinvent the wheel every time you need a new presentation or handout for a client. Check out my personal shop for presentations and resources for your clients in the link below. I'll be updating my page more and more so be on the lookout :) 

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