Dark Blue Nutrition is a virtual health & fitness community designed to help you get healthy & fit without sacrificing the foods you love or obsessing over calories, macros and the number on the scale. DBN offers quick and fun home workouts, free intuitive eating education via YouTube, our Mindful Muscles Nutrition Guide and virtual coaching services.


We know that being passionate about health and fitness doesn’t always mean you want to track vanity metrics like: calories, macros and weight on the scale. You want to learn how to fuel your body for your active lifestyle, without all the diet mentality bulls***!


We also know you need community support help keep you accountable to your longer term vision of being the most confident, strong, amazing version of YOU!  This is why we use #dbncommunity #darkbluenutrition to connect with the community via Instagram. 

Stop feeling like a prisoner to the latest diets and nutrition plans that tell you exactly what to eat… and learn to fuel your body intuitively with the DBN Team! 


Ready to grow your strength, confidence and connection with your body by mindfully fueling your muscles? Make sure to subscribe and leave a comment on a video saying hello. Links to a few of my popular playlists will be listed below!