The only Youtube Videos you will EVER need to GROW your nails long & strong (and do them at HOME)!


WARNING: This is not a nutrition/fitness post (if that wasn't blatantly obvious).  However, since my days working foodservice jobs are over (yay, Dietitian perks!) I no longer have to go without EVER being able to paint my nails... so I'll admit, I've become a little obsessed with my nails. Just sayin'. 💅


I'm not a huge fan of big long blog posts as you've probably noticed. But, I get this question a lot since I've started growing out my nails out.  So I figured - why not make a compilation of all the videos you NEED to see to do exactly what I did :) You can thank me lateeer. 


If I can save you all from watching 100 million Youtube videos... then why the heck not?!


Oh, and P.S. - all the links to the products I use will be at the end, so be sure to check those out too :)


Now let's hop into those Youtube videos! Here they are: 



How to GROW YOUR NAILS FAST*!!! (actually helpful information) by Simply Nailogical



**If you don't follow/subscribe to Simply Nailogical, do so now! She's hilarious :) 



How to FILE and SHAPE your nails like a Boss by Simply Nailogical





How to Paint Your Nails at Home


 **Big takeaway from this one, a) How to paint your nails at home (and not totally suck like I used to) and b) the Kiss Gel Top Coat - which I have listed below along with the other products I love.



How to Use Gel Top Coat over Regular Nail Polish



** Gel top coats make doing your nails at home look professional and last up to two weeks without chipping!! I STRONGLY suggest you don't skip this step. Invest in a cheap LED light and you will NOT regret it. I'll leave links to all the products I LOVE and use for all my manicures down below. 


How to Remove Gel Nail Polish






Products I LOVE and use for my at home manicures:


Favorite (Gel) top coat (Note: requires an LED light to cure) -

Favorite regular glossy top coat -

Favorite Polish (Longest lasting for me) -

LED Light (super affordable and works great!) -

Crystal nail file -

Jojoba oil (a MUST for your nails) -







**Note: some links are affiliate links. However these are ALL products I love, and I have no affiliation or incentive from the brands themselves :) 


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